Robin Kent

robin kent kbre

Vice President 

Robin Kent, born and raised in the Aylmer area, grew up on a tobacco farm in Malahide Township, where he developed a strong work ethic. Robin has explored the natural habitat and maintains a healthy respect for nature and how important it is to be a good steward of the land. He learned that family had to work together and that it was important to be involved in one’s local community.

Robin participated in many team sports such as rep hockey and softball and attended East Elgin Secondary School and went to Fanshawe College. He remains active in Aylmer and the area today, attending a local church and is a voluntary youth pastor with his wife. He is married to Ingrid and has 2 children.

Robin has worked in many industrial settings and brings transferable skills and knowledge to his position with KBRE. Self motivated, he approaches all his responsibilities with an open mind and a ready attitude. He has a firm belief that solar energy will result in a better tomorrow and wants to be a part of making that happen.