Power Management

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Conservation of Electricity

The basic argument is that reducing demand must be the obvious and dominant priority in energy policy, rather than endlessly ramping up supply.

There are many conservation and renewable energy programs available in Ontario to help you in your efforts to be more energy aware for your home. They are offered by various levels of government, by local electricity and natural gas utilities, by non-profit agencies, and by many other associations. Whether you are looking for more information, practical assistance, financial incentives, or other resources, the incentives listing for home will assist you in finding the programs best suited to your interests and needs.

The government will work to make new financing tools available to consumers starting in 2015, including on-bill financing for energy efficiency retrofits.

Consumers will get an extra incentive to do energy-efficient renovations on their homes under a new conservation program in Ontario's latest long-term energy plan.

Upfront financing will be provided, with pollution homeowners paying it back over time on their utility bills, increasing the value of their properties while helping to cut and save energy.


  1. Monitor Your Energy Use
  2. Install Dimmer Switches
  3. Add a Motion Sensor
  4. Set a Programmable Thermostat
  5. Buy an Insulating "Blanket
  6. Install an Energy Star-Rated Ceiling Fan
  7. Dodge the Draft
  8. Install Insulating Window Treatments
  9. Replace the Aerator on Your Faucet
  10. Keep Dirt and Toxins Out

And Finally: How to Go Green for FREE

Renewable Energy Projections in Ontario

Mandate to the OPA

ontario power authority
The OPA is bound by directives issued under the Electricity Act, 1998 by the Minister of Energy which articulate government policy.

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