Jamie Kent

jamie kent kbre

President & CEO 
Email: jkent@kbrenergies.com

Jamie Kent, born and raised in Elgin County, graduated from a 3 year business program at Conestoga College and from Windsor University. He is well aware of the spirit and values of regional residents and recognizes that the area has experienced a depressed economy related to the downturn in the auto industry as well as the decimation of the tobacco industry.

Aspiring to a better tomorrow, Jamie sincerely believes and commits to a solar industry for the tri-county area and beyond. He has been involved with electrical conservation, power management and renewable energies for the last 6 years with a focus on wind, solar and biomass products and materials across North America.

Due to the extensive work experience in green energy initiatives, he feels confident in providing services to residents looking to tap into and be a part of FIT – the Feed In Tariff program that the government of Ontario is offering through OPA, The Ontario Power Authority. Efficient, thorough and with many networks, he is adept at processing what needs to be addressed.