About Us

KBRE is a family-based business whose key focus is on renewable energy generation.

KBRE’s corporate headquarters is based out of Aylmer, ON. KBRE also maintains warehousing facilities in Elgin County, a public affairs office is located in Port Stanley, ON. KBRE is a portfolio manager of all types and sizes of rooftop and ground mount solar, biogas and small wind installations. KBRE would be pleased to arrange a time to review its portfolios with you. Currently our biggest client AMBER Energy Co-operative, has just signed a 5-year deal with KBRE to manage its upcoming FIT 2.0 projects.

KBRE is motivated and dedicated to the success of our communities. We will always focus on our base, rural residents, agricultural operations and municipal projects. Solar energy will provide for an improved environment for our children and is a much safer and cleaner source of energy. We are very passionate about the opportunities that we can help you access through our family business.

Our communities need new industry! The decimation of the auto and tobacco industry in our region means many of our bright and talented young people need to leave the area to seek employment . How much better would it be if there were more local opportunities? Solar energy in roof top and ground mount applications can mean just that.

KBRE can assist individuals and corporations to apply for and maintain solar contracts with OPA. The application process can be complicated and we at KBRE can help sort through all the red tape. We have a wide variety of solutions to insure project completion. Through our partners, KBRE provides financial solutions; grant/incentive acquisitions; document control (OPA, Hydro and IESO consulting and correspondence); governmental lobbying networks; all engineered analyses; the highest quality product and the best workmanship in the industry. For further details, click on our partner page.

We are very willing to come to your home or place of business to discuss the possibilities and the process. KBRE appreciates any and all of your renewable energy needs and power management operations. Please give us a call, we will earn your business, by providing a program that FIT’s your needs.

Sincerely, (The Kent Brothers)

The KBRE Team

jamie kent kbre
Jamie Kent
President & CEO


robin kent kbre
Robin Kent
Vice President